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On this site you'll find information about my current and past painting projects, classes I am offering, as well as details about how to book private painting events.

While I am still offering private virtual lessons and the occasional painting event, I've decided to put a little more focus on my personal artwork. If you have questions about my work or classes, please reach out to me directly.

This website is currently under construction, so please be patient with any odd phrasing, empty links, or the like.

About Me



I have been painting my whole life, but only began teaching art just over a decade ago. In 2009, I left Utah to live in Germany with my mother. What was supposed to be a one-year visit turned into a life-changing, seven-year adventure! During most of my time there I worked as an art teacher at a military after-school program for kids roughly 6-12 years old. I met someone a few months into my stay and after a couple years we were married. Two kids later we decided it was time to be closer to family, and we made the long journey back to the States.

Since moving back "home" I have been diving deeper and deeper into my art and  other interests.  I have a deep passion for birds and the natural world around me. I volunteer with two local wildlife conservation organizations, HawkWatch International and Great Salt Lake Audubon, where I am a member of the board and lead the education committee. Being a stay-at-home mom over the last few years has been the most challenging time of my life, but has also given me the opportunity to discover what truly matters and spend what precious free time I have working on my art and learning about local wildlife. 

Aside from taking custom orders and selling my work at craft boutiques, I also teach private lessons and the occasional paint night. During this strange time, most group classes are on hold, but please reach out to me directly if you are interested in classes or paintings.


What Are You Looking For?

Aside from selling custom and ready-made artwork, I offer classes in a number of different mediums for all ages.

Due to changes in my availability, I am currently only offering private lessons!


Visit my gallery to see examples of my past paintings, follow along on any current projects, or request a custom painting.


Looking for something different to do for your child's birthday or your sister's bridal shower? Book an event or private classes!  


My special events include: seasonal workshops, kid-friendly and adult-only painting paint nights, and fundraising events.

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