Amanda Sharett-Kay

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Welcome to my site, and I look forward to meeting you! 

I have been painting my whole life, but only began working with children about nine years ago. In 2009, I left Utah to live in Germany with my mother. What was supposed to be a one-year visit turned into a life-changing, seven-year adventure! I met someone a few months into my stay and after a few years we were married. Two kids later, we decided it was time to be closer to family, and we moved back to the States. In July of 2016 we moved to Phoenix and had our second child a few months later (yes, I foolishly moved to Arizona 6 months pregnant in July). We finally made it back "home" to Utah in May of 2018. 

During my time in Germany I worked at an after-school and summer camp program with the military. The flexibility of this position allowed me to teach the children virtually anything I wanted, so naturally I became the "art teacher". I've been working with children ages six to twelve for over nine years now. 

Aside from teaching art, I also paint wildlife and landscapes. I have a deep passion for birds and the natural world around me. I volunteer with two local wildlife conservation organizations, HawkWatch International and the Great Salt Lake Audubon, where I am a member of the board and lead the education committee. 


Create, Explore, Share

Everyone has it in them to create fantastic things. My purpose is to give them the tools to express themselves and share with others who they are and how they see the world. We all see the world differently and everyone can benefit from the give and take of artistic expression, from learning a little bit more about another individual and from finding our own way of exploring our feelings, beliefs, and passions.


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