• AmandaK

3 of my Best Tea Party Decorating Tips!

A couple weeks ago, I was requested to decorate and prepare a craft for a "tea party" themed birthday party. Normally, I'm not a super girly, lacy, flowery gal. Plus, I only have two boys myself, so this party was a perfect opportunity to let my inner girl go crazy! I was actually shocked at how much fun it was!

If you find yourself wanting to decorate for a tea party, or any springy/girly type of get-together, here are 3 of my best decorating tips!

1. Check out thrift stores!

I hit the JACKPOT at a local thrift store. I found an adorable little horse statue that I wouldn't probably use for anything else, along with countless pretty dishes, fake plants, and baskets. Reusing and repurposing is ALWAYS better than spending money on something new for only one or two parties.

I found beautiful fake ivy plants that I untangled and wrapped around the banister, giving the birthday room a "secret garden" feel. I also turned several plates and glass goblets into unique dessert trays.

2. Check out dollar stores

Dollar stores are also great for fake flowers, ribbon, table coverings, and other seasonal decorations.

One of the best finds at the dollar store this time around: assorted paper doilies! I used them to create a lacy table runner (pictured above). I also used fake flowers and clothespins to decorate doorways.

My favorite dollar store sections are the arts & crafts (obviously), seasonal supplies, floral section, boxes/bins, and dishware. Did you know the dollar store has all sorts of beverage glasses and beautiful ceramic or glass bowls? Score!

3. Repurpose party decorations

Anytime I am making a decoration for a kid's birthday party I like to keep in mind what can be reused somehow. When I made these floral rings, I asked about the child's room colors. Not only were these rings used to decorate for the party, they are now hanging in the child's room!

I also LOVE chalkboards. Not all are created equal, so keep in mind you get what you pay for. The chalkboard pictured above is pretty, but for some reason the chalk markers do not wash off and I need to reapply chalkboard paint after each use. I still use it frequently, but won't be purchasing that style again. I have another chalkboard I bought on Amazon that washes off just fine even though I am using the same chalk markers. In addition, the Amazon chalkboard has a white board back, in case I'd like to go with a different style of sign or use it for a party game.

The great thing about chalkboards is they are classy and so versatile. I don't like one-time-use things like personalized "Happy Birthday!" signs that must be tossed after the party, so chalkboards are a wonderful alternative to me! Extra work? Maybe. But cheaper and better for the environment? Most definitely.

What are your party hacks? I'd love to hear them!