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3 Re-Usable Party Supplies

I mentioned in a previous blog post how much I love party supplies that can be re-used. I wanted to go into a little more detail about some of my favorite re-usable party supplies and how I use them!

"Why" I use them is easy to explain - it's good for the environment and my wallet! A one-time purchase of a chalkboard may cost more than a custom designed and printed poster or maybe even a vinyl banner, but it can be used over and over again! It makes me cringe when I buy things that are only good for one party, then must be thrown away. My end goal is to be able to continue having parties and events without collecting and creating so much needless waste. Here are three of my favorite party supplies that make an appearance at almost every party!


Chalkboards can take a little bit of work and practice, but they are so versatile. As I stated in a previous blog, not all chalkboards are created equal. The one in the middle is my favorite because the liquid chalk markers I use wash right off every time! The back side also has a white board that I can use for a different style of sign, a game, or to let my kids doodle on. The sign on the outsides is so cute, but the chalk markers (the same ones I always use) don't wash off and I need to repaint it every time.

Butcher Paper

Butcher or Craft paper is another favorite of mine! I have family members who will save their packaging paper for me to reuse for numerous things. When I do run out, I use a biodegradable craft paper I found on Amazon! Wrapping papers and disposable table coverings are usually non-recyclable and can only be used once. Using butcher paper is not only better for the earth and cost-effective, it's also so pretty!

Table Cloths

This one is kind of obvious - many people use fabric or vinyl table cloths for special events. But for some reason it only occurred to me this past year that I could use them for crafting and painting on too! I have several "nicer" cloths I can use for parties and events, but I have begun to collect vinyl tablecloths for painting events. These may not work for Paint Nights out of the home, as transporting messy tablecloths might be a pain. But for painting events at my home, it doesn't hurt to leave the tables covered for a day until the paint dries. Once it does, I can fold it up and save it for the next event!

Some of my other favorite re-usable party items include: dishware and utensils, lights, vases, mini chalkboard signs, and ribbons. I'll get into more specifics as I blog about some of the next holidays, so watch for Easter and Spring tips and tricks!

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