• AmandaK

A Few Ideas for Tots

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Here are a few ideas of activities to do with your 2-3 yr olds (or older!), all with materials you probably have or can get at a dollar store!

Fake Snow


Shaving Cream (or Hair Conditioner)

Baking Soda

Cookie Sheet or other Tray

1. Pull out a tray or bowl – something to roughly contain the snow as best as possible ;)

2. Mix shaving cream or hair conditioner with baking soda. The amounts will depend on how much baking soda you use. I begin with the soda and slowly add the shaving cream until it reaches desired consistency (roughly 1:1)

3. Play!


If you use conditioner, be sure to use white conditioner, as it will create the most realistic snow. Fake snow may get messy, but it cleans up fairly easily and leaves the room smelling nice ;)

Add to this activity by using watercolors or food coloring to paint the snow (or real snow!). Another option is to add glitter!

Rainbow Rainclouds


Food Coloring


Shaving Cream

Clear Glass or Jar

Small Dropper

1. Fill jar 3/4 way with water

2. Top water with shaving cream

3. Mix food coloring with 1Tbsp water and use a dropper to drip colors onto the shaving cream

4. Watch as the colors soak through the shaving cream clouds and mix in the water!


You can use liquid watercolor paints in place of food coloring. They are often more vibrant and more varied in color. Talk to children about colors as they play (primary colors mixing to create secondary colors).

Galaxy Milk


Food Coloring


Bowl or Plate


Dawn Dish Soap

1. Fill a plate or bowl with milk.