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Herriman Arts Council

I mentioned a few posts ago some of the volunteer work I do. While most of my volunteer work includes working with birds and wildlife conservation groups, one of the areas I donate my time is the Herriman Arts Council, where I serve as their Visual Arts Specialist.

Raise your hand if you even knew Herriman had an Arts Council? Some of the things we've been involved in include the Summer Show (which will be The Newsies this year), the Children's Theater Workshop, the Herriman Harmonyx Musical Comedy (previously called the Cabaret), and annual contests such as the Best Dressed Halloween and Holiday House and the Gingerbread House Contest.

We want your input!

One of the main programs we're working on putting together for this year is a quarterly workshop. These workshops will likely be held seasonally at the Herriman City Hall and will naturally be visual art-themed. Because this is a new idea, we are open to creating a wide variety of opportunities for the community to learn new skills. These workshops can be lecture-style or hands-on. They can be free or low cost. They can be painting events, photography lectures, centerpiece workshops - you name it! As long as it remains "visual art" in nature, we can really take this in any direction!

The Herriman Arts Council would like your input! What would you like to see in our community, if you live in Herriman? Or if you don't, does your community have something like this in place, and how do you feel about it? Would you be more likely to attend a workshop that is completely visual and the only thing you take away is knowledge? Or would you prefer to pay a small fee to do a hands-on project you can take home with you?

Let me know your thoughts and stay tuned for announcements about these upcoming workshops!

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