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Join the Share Paint Community!

I recently created a Facebook group to go along with my business page. If you're following my Share Paint page on Facebook, you might have seen an invite to join the Share Paint Community Facebook group!

Both can hook you up with valuable information, but there are several differences to note between the two:

Share Paint Business Page

This page is very much a typical FB business page. Here, I will post updates on classes, share pictures, and post other business/website-related updates. These updates can include: new offers, changes to class dates, and the like.

Share Paint Community group

This FB group is much more interactive! Members can ask and answer questions of other members, give tips on their own ways of crafting or "arting" with kids, share their own pictures, and receive art/kid-related tips from me! If I do giveaways or post discount codes, it will be here!

I'd really like this community group to remain kid and art-centered, so there are a few rules members must adhere to. My intention is to give parents a place to connect with other parents and discover fun, simple ways of bonding with their children and encouraging creative expression. In addition, I want to ensure all members feel encouraged and free of judgement, as we are all in different artistic stages. You don't need to be great, or even good, at art to enjoy and benefit from it. You don't need to own glitter or glue to give your child the space and freedom to create.

I hope you join me in this group! A community is nothing without wonderfully diverse members. Contact me directly if you can't find it and I'll send you an invite!

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