• AmandaK

Themed Summer Break (for all ages!)

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Summer Break is approaching fast! This year has already been so strange, resulting in more family time, more creative use of space and supplies, and less outings. It's difficult to predict what will be open during summer and even what the next school year will look like.

One thing I do know is I want to make sure this summer is memorable and fun for my boys, and also keep them learning and practicing skills in preparation for the next school year. The easiest way for me to stay organized and come up with exciting activities is to break the next several weeks into themes! Within these themes, I will rotate through several educational activities, trying my best to give the boys a good deal of STEM, reading, art, and history lessons in the form of games, crafts, cooking, and more! In addition, my boys are learning German and Sign Language, so we will mix in new words along the way too.

Feel free to use these ideas in your own summer break planning! Below are the themes I've come up with and suggested activities. Many of these are not my own, but ideas I've found searching around on Pinterest and Google. We will certainly not do every single activity, but it gives us a good variety to look through when it comes time to plan the following week. Make it your own! Switch weeks around, and add your own themes or activities, and alter these ideas as you must based on your kids' age ranges and interests. You may also need to adjust these activities based on what happens to be open and how your family feels about social distancing and outdoor excursions.

Kay Summer Kamp

Wild Week - June 1-6

Academic activities

  • Do a report on an exotic animal

  • Learn zoo animals in sign language

  • Build a zoo w/ blocks

  • Sort animal toys by patterns

  • Zoo books (we love "Lets Go to the Zoo")

Arts & Crafts:

  • Exotic animal masks/costumes (Try this lion mask)

  • Face Painting

  • More Zoo paper crafts here!

Snacks & Treats:

  • Animal crackers

  • Tiger oranges (draw a tiger face on oranges or tangerines)

  • Bananas

  • Pick a zoo animal (an herbivore), research what they are fed, and eat the same!

Field Trips:


  • "Feed the Animals" bean bag toss (use play food if you have it!)

  • Make a pretend zoo w/ stuffed animals or toys