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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Here you will find an updated list of all of my classes and special events, as well as information on how to book private events. Classes and events range in price, so see class descriptions or contact me for details.

All classes are held at my home unless otherwise determined. We will typically meet in the main entryway until everyone arrives, then head to the studio downstairs. Parents are always welcome to stay, but not required unless the class description specifically says so. Private events can be held in my studio, at the customer's house, or elsewhere.

I usually serve light snacks and punch or juice. In addition, although pets are not allowed in the studio there will inevitably be fur on the furniture and in the air upstairs. Please let me know if you or your child have any food or pet allergies/restrictions.

I also like to take the occasional picture to post here or to my Facebook page. There will be a place during registration to tell me whether or not you give permission for me to take and post pictures of your child.

If any of the classes do not meet the needs or expectations of you or your children, please contact me directly to come to a resolution. I try to break up my classes into narrow age ranges and keep the projects engaging for everyone, but each child has different abilities and interested even within the same age. I want to know if your child is not feeling challenged enough, is not enjoying the subject, or is struggling to keep up!

As always, contact me directly via this website, phone, or my Facebook page if you have any questions, comments, or requests.

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