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What Are You Thankful For?

I know, it's overdone.

Every Thanksgiving, everyone is asked this very ambiguous question: "What are you thankful for?" Wow, how to answer that, especially in the 30 seconds we're usually given?

I admit, I don't hold to many of the seasonal "gratitude" traditions. I don't usually go around the table with my family and ask them what they're thankful for on Thanksgiving. I don't encourage giving to "those in need" around Christmas. I don't make a list of New Year's resolutions on January 1st.

To me, it just seems silly. I mean, to put so much focus on doing "good" just because of the date on the calendar. Shouldn't we always be grateful and giving?

Truth is:

I'd love to say that I spend every dinner discussing with my family what we're thankful for. I'd love to say I am ALWAYS modeling the importance of giving and compassion for those in need. And I'd love to say I strive all year to make and live up to goals that will improve my mental and physical health. But the truth is, I don't.

So, maybe it is necessary that there are a few times a year when we are particularly motivated to make these efforts. Maybe, in the business of our lives, we need a reminder to help those in need, to be grateful for all that we have, and to always strive to be better people.

This Thanksgiving season, I am thankful for SO MUCH! I am thankful for you, reader (all two of you). I am thankful for all that I've learned this year about running my own business. I am thankful for my two strong-minded boys, and my compassionate husband.

Cheers to you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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