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In an effort to maintain a connection with my customers and community during the COVID-19 crisis, I will be temporarily offering virtual private lessons. Private lessons are $15-$20 per 1hr session and will be taught via Zoom or Google Hangout at a day and time we mutually agree upon (no more than once a week). Family members who are sharing a device may "sit in" on the class together at no additional cost. In addition, I will do my best to respond to questions or concerns outside of the session time. Lessons can be one-time classes or carry on through several weeks. I cannot commit to private classes after May, as I hope to begin Summer Camp in June. 


Mediums I have experience in include: acrylic painting, watercolor painting, drawing, mixed media, color theory, and more. I can create a curriculum based on your (or your child's) interest and skill level, or you may request a specific topic or medium. For example, if you have an interest in watercolor landscapes, we can focus our classes on landscape techniques. If you have always wanted to try abstract art or acrylic pouring, we can go a different direction! 

I have a specific style and skillset as well. Please take a look through the Gallery on this website, or my Facebook/Instagram pages (@SharePaintLLC, or @ShareSlate) to see examples of my work. If you are not sure I am the teacher for you, please reach out to me directly. I will always be upfront about my skill and comfort level. 

Times are difficult and uncertain, requiring us to be flexible and adaptable. Therefore, private lessons may be skipped or canceled by the customer, or instructor, at any time. 

You are responsible for acquiring your own supplies, but once I create your own personalized program, I will tell you what you'll need and where to find it.

If you would like to request private lessons, please follow the link below. 


Looking for a unique way to connect with friends and family during this time? Perhaps it's someone's birthday, or you'd like to organize a team-building activity for colleagues? I am now also offering private Virtual Paint Nights!

These virtual classes will be held via Zoom for a flat rate of $65 for a two-hour session. Because the exact number of participants will not effect the cost of my time or supplies, these events can be held for as little as two people or as many as 16 (contact me directly if you would like to request a party for more).

Participants are responsible for obtaining their own supplies, but I will compose a list of materials and suggestions on where to purchase them. Many materials can also be purchased directly from me and picked up at my doorstep. 


Nothing is due at the time of request, but the full $65 amount is due after the details are agreed upon in order to hold your day and time. If you must cancel or postpone your party, that amount may be applied toward another class. 

These private lessons will be taught via Zoom or Google Meet at a day and time we mutually agree upon (no more than once a week). Mediums I have experience in include: ac...
Virtual Private Paint Night
2 hr